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I have had the privilege of seeing several of my plays produced on the stage. I write plays of all sorts and below you can see a few examples.




The Bard meets the barnyard in this ten-minute parody of Hamlet—with farm animals. When Piglet is confronted by the ghost of his father, the old King Ham, who proclaims that "I was murdered," it sets the young pig on a quest for revenge that may just turn the farm into a ghost town. Fun for all ages ensues, as students get introduced to drama and the elements of literature amid a comically high body count.

Just Visiting


Reality is all in the mind in this full-length drama set in a psychiatric institution. Lucian is a pateint who believes he is a writer trapped in a world of his own fiction. Carolyn is the new tech on the ward, overwhelmed by a world where the line between staff and patient is hazy at best. This play aims to make you forget the cuckoo's nest in favor of something closer to the experiences in the real world of psychatric care.

Disposables in the Darkroom


Whether it be a fleeting moment caught on film or our equally fleeting lives, we are all trying to latch on to something disposable. Mary finds herself lost in a surreal airport departure gate with random strangers trying to figure out why they are being held and just what this place really is.

Le Jardin Noir


This abstract one-act explores a strange and tragic love story through imagery and movement. The characters speak on metaphor and nothing is quite what it seems.

Bard Wars



The Bard takes on a familiar tragedy set in a galaxy somewhere not too close where some battles may have occurred. Swords made of lasers may appear along with some talking androids. 

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