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To date I have published one complete book of poetry. I have had several poems published in fantastic literary reviews as listed below.

Brian Armstrong Pangaea
Pangaea: Transforming the Landscape


This is the first poetry book from Brian Armstrong. It is a post-modern tale of two people falling in love across great distances and doing everything in their power to reshape the world to allow them to come together despite the odds.

Brian Armstrong PQ
Poetry Quarterly


The Spring 2014 issue of Poetry quarterly is out and I am pleased to be featured once again. Both this year's and last year's issues are available to order from the links below.


​I also have one poem published in Poetry Quarterly Spring 2013 and it's one I am quite proud of. This is an excellent collection of many talented poets and would make a great addition to any home library.


(Coming Soon)

I am working on a new collection of poetry. I will post updates as they occur.

Poetry Videos temporarily removed


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